Experts to highlight the rise of Alternative Assets in crowdfunding at upcoming webinar

Learn more about the rise of alternative assets in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding and securities leaders from Dalmore Group, Equidefi, and Republic are set to gather for an insightful discussion on the exciting world of alternative assets.

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, the 9th of July. Register here.

Traditionally, high-value art and fine wines were investments enjoyed only by affluent collectors, with investment portfolios traditionally focused on stocks and bonds.

Now, crowdfunding allows broader investors to buy shares in these assets, diversifying their investment portfolios and potentially earning significant returns.

This event will provide insight into the emergence of alternative assets through crowdfunding and how it has significantly changed the investment landscape, offering unique opportunities for diversifying portfolios and new avenues for revenue.

The JOBS Act of 2012 was a key development in online capital formation for private companies, making it easier for small businesses and startups to raise funds through online platforms.

This initially concentrated on equity and debt crowdfunding. However, as the market developed, these platforms expanded their offerings to include non-traditional assets such as art, fine wines, and rare collectables.

Items like vintage cars or rare coins, previously seen as hobbies, are now recognized as valuable investments. This allows investors to buy partial ownership of these collectables, spreading their investment risk while purchasing stakes in valuable assets.

Fractional real estate ownership is another area where crowdfunding is making waves. In the past, real estate investment required significant capital, often limiting it to wealthy individuals or institutional investors.

With crowdfunding, investors can now buy property shares, lowering the barrier of entry and allowing them to invest in real estate without a large amount of initial capital or direct management.

Host and Crowdfund Insider Editor-in-chief Andrew Dix will cover all of the above and more alongside an expert panel at this upcoming event.

Etan Butler will join the panel as Chairman of Dalmore Group, one of the most active Broker-Dealers in the world for Regulation A+ offerings. Etan is recognized as an innovative Reg A+ and Crowdfunding industry pioneer.

Equidefi Co-Founder Mohit Bhansali, who has over 25 years of experience in securities compliance, corporate finance, and the technology industry, will also feature.

This will be alongside Republic Investment Team Director Abhi Shah. Previously, Shah was an Associate at FastPay and Co-Founder of Huntington Angels Network.

To learn more about the rise of alternative assets within crowdfunding, register for our upcoming webinar, 'Alternative Assets, Investment Crowdfunding,' here.

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