Investment & Crowdfunding Webinar Series

Crowdfund Insider invites you to join us for the 2022 investment webinar series, where we will be exploring and evaluating the
$7 trillion private securities market, as well as the developing crowdfunding sector, in collaboration with our event organisers, and investment data specialists, World Digital Foundation.

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Upcoming Webinars

Reg A+

October 26, 2022

So how long does it take to complete a Reg A+ offering? Do you need to work with a broker dealer or a platform? What about crafting an offering circular - which must be qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Hear from some of the top industry insiders about Reg A+, a powerful exemption that continues to grow in utilization.

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Digital Securities

November 30, 2022

While digital assets, or crypto, has been the rage in recent years in part due to ease of access along with heightened volatility, most industry insiders believe digital securities will usher in a new era of investing unlike what is available in public markets today.

Several industry leaders will share what is taking place today in the digital security ecosystem and what is coming in the not-so-distant future.

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Past Webinars
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​​​​​​​The Importance of Compliance

Our panel of experts will answer the important questions and walk you through the details of the ever-evolving compliance landscape of Reg CF, Reg A+ and Reg D offerings.
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Deal Quality & Structure

Why do many VCs prefer convertibles? ​​​​​​​What is a SAFE? And should you buy? ​​​​​​​What is a good deal? Find out all of this and more from our panel of experts as we explore the importance of understanding deal quality and structure, as well as how it impacts investors and issuers.
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Crowdfunding Platforms & Broker-Dealers

Exciting private company issuers may raise capital via several paths. For online capital formation most issuers raise money from a FINRA regulated funding portal via a Crowdfunding platform, or via a Broker-Dealer's infrastructure and technology on the issuers own website. What is the difference and why is it important?
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Regulated Secondary Trading in Private Securities

Hear our expert panel walk through the details of secondary trading in private securities. Learn about some of the key elements that issuers need to look for when raising capital through crowdfunding or other Regulation D institutional offerings
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Building your own Community of Advocates

Hear our expert panel discuss the significance of building an engaged community of advocates, who will support your company. You will also hear about some of the key elements that businesses need to work towards when trying to grow their investor and advocate communities.
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What's next for Crowdfunding?

Hear our expert panel discuss the future of Crowdfunding - what now, and what's next? You will also hear about some of the key elements that private company issuers need to think about when considering Crowdfunding in the future.
Sponsors, Panellists, Partners, & Industry Figures

Here are some of the crowdfunding
leaders, innovators, shapers and thinkers.

Woodie Neiss

Principal and Chief Crowdfunding Data Analyst
Crowdfund Capital Advisors
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Woodie Neiss

Principal and Chief Crowdfunding Data Analyst
Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Etan Butler

Dalmore Group

Mat Goldstein

CSO and Co-Founder

About the series

Crowdfund Insider is the leading news and information platform for private equity and crowdfunding and is hosting this investment webinar series in partnership with the World Digital Foundation's events and data divisions.

Our panel of experts for each investment webinar will be updated regularly and included in our free newsletter.

Discover the key components of the largest crowdfunding market, the US, and how other countries crowdfunding markets are evolving
Learn about the trends changing the investment sector and how Fintech innovation is quickening the democratization of this investor marketplace
Covering investment crowdfunding, secondary trading alternative trading systems (ATS), blockchain, crypto, NFTs and many other forms of fintech, as well as the evolving regulatory landscape in private securities
Forbes reported that the private securities market in 2021 would reach a record $7 trillion, and forecasts it to grow to $30 trillion by 2030.
According to investment monitoring platform Pitchbook, the global crowdfunding market grew by 1121% last year, from $8.61bn to $113.52bn.
Your Webinar Series Host

Andrew Dix

is Editor-in-Chief of Crowdfund Insider, the leading news and information site covering disruptive finance including online capital formation, online lending, blockchain and other forms of Fintech. With extensive knowledge of the investment and crowdfunding landscape, Andrew will be probing our expert panellists on what’s happening and what’s next for the private securities marketplace.

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How to get involved?

There are three ways for investment and crowdfunding industry groups to take part in this major investment and crowdfunding webinar series for 2022, as either one of our headline sponsors, industry partners or as a panellist speaker.

Any private company issuers who would like to learn more about or are currently raising up to $5m via Regulation CF, up to $75m a year via Regulation A+ and/or via institutional Regulation D offerings, we can offer you free updates on these crowdfunding, private securities and investment sectors, as well as access to whitepapers and research in to building a community of engaged investors.

Please contact us using the form below and we will share with you how you and your business can reach an engaged investment and crowdfunding audience of over half a million every month.

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“The private securities market is starting to transform and crowdfunding, along with secondary trading of private securities will accelerate that, but as with any emerging market, the importance of strong regulation can help to give more security and trust to the ecosystem.”

Andrew Dix, Editor-in-Chief, Crowdfund Insider

“This webinar series will be an excellent opportunity for investors, issuers and industry professionals to learn more about the crowdfunding revolution currently in progress.”

Shari Noonan, CEO and Co-Founder, Rialto Markets

“This webinar series is very timely as the venture capital model will come under huge pressure in the coming months and years, as retail investors and angels start to have the same or similar access to invest as venture capitalists and institutional investors.”

Paul Sheedy, Co-Founder, Enabling Tech Capital
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