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Crowdfunding Platforms & Broker Dealers

March 22, 2023

1PM Eastern Time

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While the number of FINRA regulated funding portals continues to increase, more broker dealers are offering issuers a self hosting online capital formation solution on their own website. What are the differences between a broker dealer or an equity crowdfunding platform? Should you consider using a broker dealer when raising capital online under Reg CF, Reg A+ or Reg D?

What to expect on this webinar

Whether you should consider using a broker-dealer when raising capital online under Reg CF, Reg A+ or Reg D?

Broker-dealers can provide valuable services, such as helping to structure and market your offering, conducting due diligence on potential investors, and assisting with regulatory compliance. Additionally, using a broker-dealer can lend credibility to your offering and make it more attractive to investors.

How more broker-dealers are offering issuers a self-hosting online capital formation solution on their own website

Self-hosting can enhance the issuer's brand and provide a more seamless user experience for investors. Additionally, broker-dealers offering self-hosting solutions often provide support and guidance throughout the process, including assistance with regulatory compliance and marketing.

What the differences are between a broker-dealer and an equity crowdfunding platform

While broker-dealers and equity crowdfunding platforms both help issuers raise capital, they differ in their approach and the services they offer, including the size and complexity of the securities offerings they work with, the types of investors they serve, and the range of services they offer to issuers.


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Your Webinar Series Host

Andrew Dix

is Editor-in-Chief of Crowdfund Insider, the leading news and information site covering disruptive finance including online capital formation, online lending, blockchain and other forms of Fintech. With extensive knowledge of the investment and crowdfunding landscape, Andrew will be probing our expert panellists on what’s happening and what’s next for the private securities marketplace.
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