Dalmore Group and DealMaker leaders join prestigious Crowdfunding Professional Association board

Dalmore Group Chairman Etan Butler and DealMaker CEO Rebecca Kacaba have joined the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) board, a non-profit organization created to represent, improve, and expand the exciting investment crowdfunding industry.

CfPA has a simple yet ambitious vision to educate and connect crowdfunding stakeholders, helping to spur job creation, raise capital for start-ups and emerging companies, and identify opportunities where ideas, people and capital formation will benefit society in significant and measurable ways.

Now the CfPA is expanding, adding Etan Butler to its board. Butler is Chairman of Dalmore Group, the #1 in the world for Regulation offerings according to KingsCrowd, whilst being a regular speaker and lecturer on innovation and customization of funding programs under new opportunities sanctioned by the SEC.

Over the years, Butler and Dalmore Group have been involved in developing cutting-edge and regulatory-compliant approaches for managing business development and oversight whilst sharing knowledge and wisdom with industry professionals and novices alike through panels, roundtables, and webinars centred on the ever-evolving equity crowdfunding industry.

Butler joins CfPA alongside CEO and Co-founder of DealMaker Rebecca Kacaba, who was recently listed as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women by WXN and one of North America's most innovative lawyers by the Financial Times.

Talking about the Equity Crowdfunding Industry, Kacaba said: "Investment crowdfunding provides opportunities for ordinary investors to join venture capitalists and angel investors in backing and profiting from promising, change-the-world technology.

"I'm excited to accelerate the growth of the crowdfunding ecosystem."
CfPA president, Devin Thorpe, commented on the board's new additions: "We're thrilled to have Rebecca, Etan, and Andrew join the board; each of them brings a unique and powerful perspective that will help the organization execute its strategic plan to help both prospective issuers and investors join the crowdfunding ecosystem."

Both Butler and Kacaba will be involved in the Investment and Crowdfunding 2023 Webinar Series, joining us for our February 22nd Webinar – Equity Crowdfunding in 2023. Register for this upcoming webinar here.

2022 saw a slight downturn in equity crowdfunding alongside the broader economy, and with a new Congress in session, the JOBS Act 4.0 stands a good chance of being signed into law. Our expert panel will answer how all this will impact online capital formation this year, helping issuers and investors maximize equity crowdfunding success in 2023.

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