Major Investment & Crowdfunding Webinar Series Launches To Showcase The Changing Face of Private Securities

The crowdfunding and investment industries are coming together for a series of webinars covering the emerging global industry of disruptive finance including private securities trading and the change in investing since the JOBS Act, as well as exploring and evaluating the ongoing crowdfunding revolution going on in the US and around the world.

The JOBS Act kick started the democratization of private securities through investment crowdfunding for many early-stage, high-growth private companies, as well as more established private companies that have ambitious goals to expand at scale in the future.

The emergence of Regulation CF (Reg CF), where you can raise up to $5m a year, andRegulation A+ capital offerings, which allow private companies to raise up to$75m a year, have accelerated the growth of crowdfunding – according to investment monitoring platform Pitchbook, the global crowdfunding market grew by 1121% last year, from $8.61bn to $113.52bn.

On top of this, Forbes reported that the private securities market in 2021 would reach a record $7 trillion, and forecasts it to grow to $30 trillion by 2030, in a market that in the US alone contains 27 million private companies.

Investing in private securities and in particular, equity crowdfunding and secondary trading could potentially be the largest investment and trading opportunity transformation of the next few years and beyond.

Some private companies progress from a Regulation CF (crowdfunding) raise to an institutional offering while others prefer to be able to raise $75m a year using Regulation A+. Reg D (506c) is available for accredited investors and is frequently paired with a CF offering. Some crowdfunded firms have become successful publicly traded firms.

Andrew Dix, CEO and founder of the Crowded Media Group and publisher of Crowdfund Insider, the organisers of the webinar series said:

“We are incredibly excited to get started on this series with our event organisers and investment data specialists, World Digital Foundation. The private securities market is starting to transform and crowdfunding, along with secondary trading of private securities will accelerate that, but as with any emerging market, the importance of strong regulation can help to give more security and trust to the ecosystem.”

The investment and crowdfunding series is already gaining widespread attention, with a stellar programme and some of the leading figures and companies joining our webinar panel discussions each and every month, to broaden the discussion while continuing to educate and inform these financial markets.

Shari Noonan, CEO and co-founder of broker-dealer Rialto Markets, who specialise in private securities, crowdfunding and regulated ATS secondary trading said:

“This webinar series will be an excellent opportunity for investors, issuers and industry professionals to learn more about the crowdfunding revolution currently in progress.”

Etan Butler, Chairman of Dalmore Group said:

“We have been raising capital now for many years for high growth private companies, and we have seen a great deal of change in financial markets since the JOBS Act of 2012, and crowdfunding is really opening up, not only in the US but around the world.

“Dalmore has successfully onboarded nearly 200 Reg A+issuers, and we pride ourselves on leading the way for primary issuance and secondary market trading of private securities, so we are delighted to support this timely investment and crowdfunding webinar series.”

Nirvana Patel, Chief Compliance Officer of Prime Trust said:

"As an infrastructure provider, we help companies raise capital by bringing together diverse participants in the crowdfunding industry. We are excited to be part of a forum that brings those same participants together to share knowledge and drive the industry forward."

Paul Stannard, Chairman of World Digital Foundation, the event organisers for this webinar series with Crowdfund Insider, said:

“We are very pleased to be working with Crowdfund Insider as it has a great reputation in the sector and our team have been organising these types of events for many years. Our data division is able to add a huge amount of additional audience reach through its half a million plus investor community, made up of Reg CF,Reg A+ and Reg D investors, as well as family offices and other accredited investors, who will be invited to join the program of monthly events.”

Crowdfund Insider Webinar Series 2022:

“The Importance of Compliance” Tuesday, February 22nd 1pm CT

“Deal Quality and Structure” Tuesday, 22nd March 1pm CT

“Platforms, Broker-Dealers and Other Providers” Tuesday, 26th April 1pm CT

“Regulated Secondary Trading in Private Securities” Tuesday, 17th May 1pm CT

“Building your own Community of Advocates” Tuesday, 7th June 1pm CT

“What’s Next for Crowdfunding?” Tuesday, 28th June 1pm CT

Interested individuals may register for free here.

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